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mother & mover

Jena Constant, 30, a third generation Chillicothian in Missouri and a single mom, who is always on the run with her jobs and civic activities. Jena is the Executive Secretary of Main Street Chillicothe in Missouri, a program that encourages downtown revitalization. Her responsibilities incorporate budgeting, accounting, and coordination of many programs including Chillicothe's famous murals. After working long hours, Jena cares for animals, part of her fledgling pet sitting business. Adding to her busy life, two weeks ago Jena and her son, Braden, moved to a new home five miles north on highway State 65.

Jena lights up as she speaks of Braden. "My world revolves around him and making sure he's OK." Jena had been away to college and lived in Europe, but she says, "What keeps me in Chillicothe is bonds to family and having a small community where Braden can feel supported and build confidence as he's growing up."

Participant Missouri Photo Workshop, Missouri School of Journalism • photos & text © 2007 Ann Brooks


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